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Kenco Latte 1kg Tin A smooth and silky coffee mix that's ready in a flash. This popular coffee shop item is available in a 1kg tin to provide better value and a lower cost to serve. It is made with a delicious blend of medium roast espresso and silky smooth skimmed milk powder. Instant coffee with an unmistakably round and balanced taste that is perfect any time of the day. Indulge in the luxury of the latte. Kenco Latte is an instant coffee mix that gives you all the delicious indulgence of your favorite coffee shop, in an instant. It blends the finest aromas of medium roast espresso and skimmed milk powder into an easy to stir formula that only requires hot water to combine. The new recipe is lower in sugar, so you can offer a premium cup of coffee at a lower value for money. It's available in a 1kg tin which is perfect for vending machines. The ideal way to begin your work day. This instant coffee is all indulgence. It has a hint of sweetness and a delicious creamy taste. 1kg coffee beans price uk is a popular national favourite and is now available in larger tins. It offers better value and is ideal for professional use. This premium instant coffee mix is a delicious treat that makes it easy to make a smooth Latte. Kenco latte is a vibrantly smooth and balanced coffee shop selection that is easily accessible to any operator. Easy to prepare This coffee, unlike many instant coffees, is made using the traditional Rombelt Method (ground coffee in a filtered and hot water that is poured over) instead of the use of a coffee maker. This method produces a similar taste of freshly-made Latte, but with less cleaning and maintenance required which makes it a good option for busy places. To make it, just empty a sachet into the cup and add 200ml of hot water. Stir until it looks smooth and silky. A longer stir will make it even more delicious. Sip, savour and relax! Well-balanced Flavor – This instant coffee mix is a blend of the aromas of medium roast espresso with silky smooth skimmed milk powder simply add hot water to mix. It is incredibly balanced and smooth it brings a 'coffee shop' variety within reach of every operator. With fewer sugars and more servings per tin, this 1kg version of our popular Kenco Latte instant coffee is perfect for professional use via vending machines, or as refills. It's also completely recyclable and is made from sustainable resources. The tin is more than 61 servings as compared to the 44 servings in the previous tin. Better value. The finest aromas – Savor the deliciously rich and smooth flavours of this instant coffee mix. Kenco Latte has less sugar and provides the same delicious taste, delicious experience, but at a better price. It comes in a larger 1kg tin that makes it easier to handle and store and completely recyclable. Ideal for use in professional vending machines or as a refill. The tin can hold 61 servings, compared to 44 servings in the previous tin.